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Stump Grinding Answers for Cost-Effective Stump Removal in Phoenix

Tree stump removal is on your mind lately, because that old tree has finally died and been removed leaving an ugly stump in your yard. Should you just leave the stump to decay and rot away on its own? How do you get that old tree stump taken out in an affordable and cost-effective way? Is tree stump grinding or tree stump removal the better option? Read on to get answers to these questions, and more.

Should that old tree stump be removed?

There are some things you want to consider when thinking about having a tree stump taken out of your yard. The first is the home value and curb appeal of your home. The second thing to consider about removing an old tree stump is the importance of maintaining a healthy landscape. One of the most important things to think about is the safety of your family and friends from stumps left to decay in the yard.

Stump grinding services are often necessary for Phoenix healthy landscape maintenance. Trees can die for different reasons with the result being the same, a tree stump left that needs to be removed from the landscape. Talk to an experienced stump grinder now, to answer your stump removal questions.

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Unsightly Old Tree Stumps can lower the property value of your home.

Landscapes that are kept in a healthy state cannot have old tree stumps decaying and rotting away. When you drive up, or people drive or walk by it gives the entire landscape an appearance of not being kept up. This can also affect the sale of a house because curb appeal and first impressions are very important factors. Curb appeal can often determine how much a home sells for, and even if it sells at all.

Tree stumps are neighborhood eyesores. When your home with the tree stump is appraised, the value of the home can go down, because the landscape will be marked that it needs to be maintained. This can then, in turn, lower the neighbors’ property values. It is always worth having a local Phoenix stump grinding company remove the old stump

Tree stumps can create a liability risk for Phoenix homeowners and business owners.

When trying to do lawn maintenance around an old stump, it can become dangerous. Lawnmowers, edgers, and weed eaters can easily hit the tree roots that are above ground causing equipment damage. This damage can lead to costly repairs, plus downtime that the landscape cannot be maintained. Lawn equipment, especially lawnmowers and weed eaters can throw pieces of bark and decaying tree stump. This flying debris can hit someone, or even a pet causing a lot of harm. They can also break windows, chip walls, hit other landscape plants causing damage, the list goes on and on.

Decaying stumps can become dangerous and cause a liability risk to homeowners and business owners. Another liability risk that these old stumps create a falling risk. If someone does not look down and see the stump, like children running and playing, they can become seriously injured. If you’re looking for a friendly, low priced local company that cleans up after the stump removal job, click the button below to talk with an expert now

Rodents and small animals can take up residency in an old tree stump.

The longer a tree stump is left to decay and rot, the weaker the wood becomes. This causes cracks, crevices, and holes in the old wood. Small rodents and animals quickly take shelter, burrowing out a safe spot. Then it creates an additional problem. You now not only have a decaying, rotting old tree stump, but there are also rodents and small animals living in it. This can happen because tree stumps can take years to completely decay providing a long time for creatures to move in.

The next thing that happens, is the rodents go searching for food. Often they look for food and water around and inside your home. They can get into the smallest places and enter your home, garage, and patio area looking for food and water. Once they find this food and water, it is very hard to get rid of them. The best solution is to never let them move into the old tree stump and be so close to your home. When the tree stump finally decays they will need to find a new home and may move in with you permanently! Contact us now to remove that old tree stump.

Should I take the tree stump out myself? I am a DIY and take care of my own landscape.

This DIY option often causes more issues, and can even cost more than having a local Phoenix stump grinder handle the job. It requires special equipment to remove a tree stump, and by the time you rent the equipment and handle the job and cleanup, it is often more affordable to use a local professional stump grinder. 

Phoenix stump grinders have a professional stump grinding equipment, that far exceeds the type that a DIY’er can rent. The rental types are often smaller and do not do as good of a job. They can also be dangerous to use, so is it really worth trying to remove the stump yourself?


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